Coppin' Kicks Is For Sale!

Are you someone looking to take over a small business - online sneaker store?

Coppin' Kicks is an online based sneaker store supporting the Canada wide sneaker market since 2020. 

What is included buying this business?

- Fully built, ready to use sneaker store ( - $29.99 per month) ran on Shopify. 

- Domain - 

- Social media accounts with active followers. (Instagram: 6k+, TikTok: 2.3k+, Facebook: 155 followers). 

- North Cop Key on Discord ($29.99 per month). The North Cop is a premium group based on discord which provides members with key information and assistance to help members secure hype items for retail. The North Cop provides information, resources, tools and lots more to ensure all members are well prepared for upcoming releases.


Accessories that come with purchasing the business: 


- Thank you cards from Coppin' Kicks.

- Custom Coppin' Kicks packing tape for boxes. 

- Handle with care tape (for shipping boxes). 

- Thermal Printer... URL link -